What is the full form of MTC?

MTC Full form Kya hay?

MTC Full Form is: Metropolitan Transport Corporation (Chennai)

M = Metropolitan

T = Transport

C = Corporation (Chennai)

  • Category: Transport & Travel
  • MTC Full Form in Hindi is: महानगर परिवहन निगम (चेन्नई)
  • MTC Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: মেট্রোপলিটন ট্রান্সপোর্ট কর্পোরেশন (চেন্নাই)
  • MTC Full Form in Marathi is: मेट्रोपॉलिटन ट्रान्सपोर्ट कॉर्पोरेशन (चेन्नई)
  • MTC Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: பெருநகர போக்குவரத்து கழகம் (சென்னை)
  • MTC Full Form in Telegu is: మెట్రోపాలిటన్ ట్రాన్స్‌పోర్ట్ కార్పొరేషన్ (చెన్నై)

MTC Full Form or meaning in Transport & Travel sector is: Metropolitan Transport Corporation (Chennai)

MTC Full Form

Formerly Pallavan Transport Corporation
Parent Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation
Headquarters Pallavan House, Anna Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Locale Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Daily ridership 7.5 million/day
Operator Government of Tamil Nadu
Service area Chennai Metropolitan Area
Service type Ordinary, Express, Deluxe, Air Conditioned Deluxe and Small Bus
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Other Significant Full Form of MTC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Mobile Terminating Call Telecommunication MTC
MEERUT CITY Indian Railway Station MTC
Manual Temperature Compensation Chemistry MTC
Main Test Component Electronics MTC
Marion Technical College Educational Institute MTC
Manage To Cost Business Management MTC
Management and Training Corporation Business Management MTC
The Management of Technical Changes Business Management MTC
Melbourne Taekwondo Club Sports MTC
Military Technical College Military and Defence MTC
Military Treatment Center Military and Defence MTC
Mercenary Training Center Military and Defence MTC
Maneuver Training Command Military and Defence MTC
Military Training Camp Military and Defence MTC
Man-tended Capability Space Science MTC
Manual Traffic Control Space Science MTC
Master Thrust Control Space Science MTC
Master Thrust Controller Space Science MTC
Mission and Traffic Control Space Science MTC
Mission Training Center Space Science MTC
Metric Ton of Carbon Measurement Unit MTC
Mt Clemens (mi) Airport Code MTC
Marvin Technology Company Technology MTC
Microsoft Technology Center Technology MTC

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