What is the full form of RTP?

RTP Full form Kya hay?

RTP Full Form is: Reserve Tranche Position

  • Category: Banking
  • RTP Full Form in Hindi is: रिजर्व किश्त की स्थिति
  • RTP Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: রিজার্ভ ট্রেঞ্চ পজিশন
  • RTP Full Form in Marathi is: जागा राखीव
  • RTP Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: முன்பதிவு ட்ரான்ச் நிலை
  • RTP Full Form in Telegu is: రిజర్వ్ ట్రాంచ్ స్థానం

RTP Full Form or meaning in Banking sector is: Reserve Tranche Position

RTP Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of RTP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Routing Table Protocol Networking RTP
Real Time Protocol Networking RTP
Redundant Time Protocol Networking RTP
Rtpatch Software Update File File Type RTP
Release To Production Softwares RTP
RATANPURA Indian Railway Station RTP
Room Temperature and Pressure Chemistry RTP
Real-time Pricing Accounts and Finance RTP
Retention Tenure Promotion Job Title RTP
Rutland Plains Airport Code RTP
Real-time Plotter Computer Hardware RTP
Required To Prove Maths RTP
Real-time Physics Physics Related RTP
Release To Pivot Sports RTP
Racers Theoretical Performance Sports RTP
Ready To Pitch Sports RTP
Real-time Transport Protocol Information Technology RTP
Rapid Thermal Processing Electronics RTP
Real-time Output Port Electronics RTP
Rock The Party Messaging RTP
Reply To Poster Messaging RTP

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