What is the full form of GA?

GA Full form Kya hay?

GA Full Form is: Gigaannum

  • Category: Unit
  • GA Full Form in Hindi is: गिगान्नुम
  • GA Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: গিগান্নুম
  • GA Full Form in Marathi is: गिगान्नम
  • GA Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: கிகான்னும்
  • GA Full Form in Telegu is: గిగానుమ్

GA Full Form or meaning in Unit sector is: Gigaannum

GA or Gigaannum Pronunciation

GA Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of GA

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Goa Indian State GA
General Assembly (ETSI) Computer and Networking GA
Gabon Country Names GA
Group Address Networking GA
Go Ahead Messaging GA
Go Away Messaging GA
Gage Space Science GA
General Assembly Space Science GA
Glide Angle Space Science GA
Gyro Assembly Space Science GA
Gazillion Annum Measurement Unit GA
Giga Annum Measurement Unit GA
General of The Army Job Title GA
Guardian Angel Job Title GA
Graphics Array Database Management GA
Generated Axiom Maths GA
Geographic Area Earth Science GA
Garage Real Estate GA
Goal Attack Sports GA
Goals Against Sports GA
General Admission Sports GA
Grand Admiral Military and Defence GA
Gis (graphics Information System) Analysis Military and Defence GA
Tabun, A Nerve Agent Military and Defence GA
Genetic Algorithm Softwares GA
GUDHA Indian Railway Station GA
Gallium Chemistry Ga
Gibberellic Acid Chemistry GA
Greenwich Atomic (name Used In Uk for Utc Prior To 1964) Time GA

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